About the company

Line of work: Production of paper and flexible packing

Number of employees: 38.

EKO PAK LTD is a family company, founded in 2004.The production programe includes a wide range of products, which can be sorted out into two groups:

- Paper eco-friendly packing and

- Flexible packing


The production process is carried out at one (base) location. Production and office space take up the space of  approximately 1000m².

Line of work

Our basic line of work includes printing, production of paper bags with a square bottom or without it, production of  bags made of single, double or triple layer materials, paper cornets, paper lined with poliethylen, printed paper in a roll, single, double and triple layer foils in a roll in the dimension as required by the customer.

We make packing for coffee, flour, sugar, sweets, popcorns, hamburgers, French fries, small grain and powder products, and bags for the chemical industry. Bags range in sizes from 50g to 5kg. 

We use offset paper, white woodfree paper, natron paper, white natron paper, aluminum foil, PELD-granulate multipack paper (coated), water and alchohol–based colors and various types of glue in the production process. We have also installed complete technology for production of: paper bags with a pleat, bags with a square bottom, bags with a pillow bottom (with or without a pleat) from materials which can be fused, bags made of paper which is layered with poliethylen with a square bottom, which are fused on all sides. We also use machines for flexo printing with 4, 6 or 8 colours, a laminator with two extruders for laminating various materials, a machine for cassation of two or more types of foils, a machine for cutting paper into sheets, paper cutters in a roll (from wide to narrow rolls), a machine for making paper cornets and a machine for making bags opened on both sides.


A large number of customers comes from Serbia and Montenegro. We export to Macedonia and Bosnia and Hertzegovina. 

Our customers include: a large number of coffee producers, McDonalds, milling industries, bakeries, pharmacies, healthy food stores, popcorn stores, tea producers.


EKO PAK documents, applies and maintains the IMS and constantly improves its efficiency through: applying the IMS Policy, applying the IMS documents and constant orientation towards interested parties (customers, owners, the state, the public)

Product range

All our paper packing products are made of  bio-degradable materials. They have a wide range of application in food industry above all, civil engineering, chemical and other industtries. Bags are made of white, brown and refined paper printed in up to six colurs. The bags can be made with a square bottom, with or a without a handle or a flat bottom for packing products varying in mass from 50 grams to 25 kilograms.

We offer a wide range of natron bags featuring a high product quality and the implementation of the most sophisticated natron paper which are available on the market. White natron papers enable a high printing quality in up to six colours with an implementation of CMYK technique as well as the use of CNC dispersers thus guaranteeing meeting all customer requirements.

Special design and the implementation of highlyporous papers (QF and HP) fulfill even the most difficult market demands reflected in requirements for extreme qiality and increased filling speed. Our production is capable of meeting customer demands for the manufacture of different bag types.