flexible packing

Flexible printing of top quality!

Printing from one roll to another will definitely satisfy your needs if you have the machines for roll packing. Also, this type of printing is highly quoted among the needs for large circulation, since it provides a large amount of savings proportional to the amount of pressings. We have the possibility of printing up to 8 colours where we get top quality flexographic printing which provides a high-quality representation of the article, the enabling us to meet all of the customer s’ demands in high-quality.


We produce for almost all types of industries: our line of work is production and printing flexible packing materials for food and other products. Our products are recognizable because they stand out in the market due to the quality of materials and print.

Customers in need of flexible packing

Meat industry, “Flow Pack“ packings, confectionery products, snack products, ice cream, dehydrated products, wraping and sleeve labels, detergents, small and wraping packings, the pharmaceutical industry, the chemical industry.

Demands of the market change every day, and therefore the quality of materials, printing and the look of packings keep changing, and in that constant race with the competition, for a number of years we have been providing our clients with the best quality.

By constant improvements of technology and human resources, we get more and more most demanding orders, both from domestic and foreign producers, and they keep doing business with us, satisfied with our products.

Our goal is not to stop, since we assume that at this moment we may have the best quality on the market, instead, our goal is to constantly test that quality, and the proof of how serious our intentions are is introducing a standard of quality and expansion of our production facilities.

What is our main quality

Uteco Onyx 808 represents a state-of-the-art machine for flexo printing in Uteco’s range of products in graphic industry. It is equiped with Direct Drive Evo® technology which enables the machine to provide top-quality printing, but also a quick change of tasks.

For the top-quality printing, Uteco is equiped with Direct Drive Evo®, our unique and patented technology of direct drive. The new ONYX series of machines is equiped with the state-of-the-art hardware and software for automatic adjustment of printing, which enables us to provide our customers with a constant quality of their packings, but also a quick change of working tasks with almost no losses.


- Max. print width 1000

- Min. print repeat: 320 / 410

- Max. print repeat: 800

- Mechanical speed: 400(Opt.450)

EKO PAK d.o.o. offers the market our vision of packing evolution, therefore showing our awareness of constant search for inovations, and by addopting the most advanced technology in the domain of printing, production and services, the market recognizes us as one of the top-quality companies in this field in the region.

We do our best to be highly present on the market by providing profitable and technologically inovative printings, as a response to the new demands of the market, with a lot of respect for the regulations on enviromental protection and energy saving.

Our rise on the market is the result of an enormous investment into production and development.