Printing form design and preparation

Constant investment into our product and service quality, gives the design and preparation department a very important role in the development and increase of quality level.

Knowledge and experience of our designers, accompanied by the most sophisticated computer programmes in the field of  graphic preparation and printing, enable fast implementation of a solution and a high quality finished product. We achieve keeping up with world trends by upgrading the old equipment and purchasing new equipment and programmes, especially by educating and raising the level of employees' skills.

Following the procedures of ISO standards, the management of the company carries out  a procedure of establishing and re–examining demands related to a product which is subject of sales, with an objective to meet customer's – user's requirements and expectations, from the stage of submitting an offer to completing the agreement – product delivery. We take into consideration and identify :

a) Requirements specified by a customer (offer elements),

b) Requirements not specified by the customer, but which are taken for granted for a specific or intended use (safety, reliability),

c) Requirements regarding packing, resulting from laws, regulations, standards and other similar documents,

d) All possible additional requirements, resulting from previous EKO PAK experience.

You will definitely get whatever you would like to have in our design studio in Niš. Our product quality starts exactly from there.Regardless of the fact whether you have your own preparation for your packing or you prefer us to do it for you, the starting point will be there. Only then when your idea reconciles with our solution do we begin the printing form assembly and a further production cycle flow.

After getting customer's confirmatiom, production process follows, for standard products or standard products with a modification. In case of new products, the customer submits a sample or a draft (with dimensions) and the proposed graphic solution.

Based on a packing sample, the designer specifies dimensions, text and colours (in collaboration with the customer reconciles these parameters with a colour chart).

The designer then makes a drawing – picture of the packing (developed state). Through a constant contact with the customer, the best solution for the customer is brought into accord and a cliché is being made after accepting the solution. Manufactured quality clichés are put away in a cliché production area and are stored with customer’s packing samples.

Laminating and plastic coating

Laminating is joining different types of paper materials in the form of a strip by using different types of glues. We possess laminating machines for widths up to 1,300mm at speeds up to 250 mm/minute. Laminating is carried out on the machine BONARDI MECBI. Besides classical laminating, we also do exclusive paper lamination – joining polyethylene to the paper directly, without using glue, for widths up to 1,100 mm.

Paper coating i.e.  paper plastic coating and laminating line. Plastic coating process is carried out by polyethylene extrusion (PE). The line has two extruders and two unwinding units, therefore it is possible to make a laminate and do its PE – i.e. plastic coating in a single pass. Plastic coating line possesses units for an automatic roll change on an unwinding unit and on a finished product winding unit. Automatic roll change secures continual operation with stable working conditions, which is very significant for the finished product quality.

Extruders are equipped with automatic feeders with a silo, which provides an easy and continuous extruder feeding. Automatic feeders have a system of filtering small dirt particles such as dust from PE, otherwise they may create problems during extrusion. The line possesses a unit for setting cooling water temperature, paper overheating unit, prime coating unit, a drying chamber for the applied prime coat and paper of inadequate moisture. Extruders have the most sophisticated thermo-regulators with thermo-pairs, thermometers for measuring melted PE temperature, barometers and an automatic sieve changing unit.

Ekstruderi poseduju najsavremenije termoregulatore sa termoparovima, termometre za merenje temperature istopljenog PE, barometre, uređaj za automatsku izmenu sita. 

Production of paper bags

Basic activity of our paper packing plant is production of paper bags , i.e. manufacturing different types of paper bags and paper products, which can be divided into four groups :

1. Bags for mill industry, powder and grain products, sugar, teas (single layer) and small bags for the civil engineering industry (painting mass, façade glues…) and barbecue coal (double layer).

2. Commercial packing : different types of  bags with or without a handle with a square or a flat bottom (toast bags, pancake cornets, popcorn bags…).

3. Packing made of coated and non–coated paper i.e. coffee packing bags.

4. Paper plastic coating

Colour production

Customer demands on the market for flexible and paper packing are bigger and bigger nowadays, especially as regards a large number of shades defined in accordance with appropriate reference shade charts or samples.

All the above mentioned requires process colour flexibility and fast manufacture from flexible and paper packing manufacturers.

In reference to that, within its production, as a separate process unit,  EKO PAK LTD.  also owns a system for gravimetric dosing and defining of printing NC colours, for deep and flexo – printing (INK MAKER – DOSING AND DISPENSING UNIT), which secures obtaining right-in-time and high quality repetition of colour shades as specified by the customers.