paper packing

Paper packing – we think ecologically

Paper packing production

EKOPAK company ltd. produces and prints :

- paper bags with or a without a square bottom,

- bags made of  single-layer, double-layer, triple-layer or multi-layer material,

- paper cornets,

- polyethylene covered paper,

- printed paper in  a roll,

- single-layer, double-layer, triple-layer foils in rolls in dimensions as requested by customers,

- packing for coffee, flour, sweets, popcorns, hamburgers, French fries, small grain and powder products and

- bags for chemical industry. Bags vary in sizes from 50grams to 5 kg.

Materials used in our production

In production we use offser paper, white woodfree paper, natron paper, white natron paper, aluminium foil, PELD–granulate multipack paper (coated), water and alcohol– based colours and various types of glues.

A complete technology has been installed for the production of : paper bags with a pleat, bags with a square bottom, bags with a pillow bottom (with or without a pleat) from materials which can be fused, paper bags with a polyethylene layer with a square bottom which are fused from all sides.

We make  efforts that our operation does not protect nature and environment only, bearing in mind that a man himself is in the centre of nature and environment. Our employees work in a positive working environment where a stable company growth is not imposed as an alternative to enjoyment at workplace and the business we are doing