The system of quality and the IMS

EKO-PAK d.o.o., Žitorađe, Vladičin Han successfully finished the process of recertification (19.10.2013) by RS CERT (representative of ACERT, Slovakia) and got the certificates ISO 9001:2008 and ISO 14001:2004.

For the fouth year in a row, this company has been successfully applying standardized systems of management (the initial certification check was performed in 2010 and the certificates have been obtained dated 06.11.2010).

DOO EKO-PAK is a family company founded in 2004. Our line of work is production of eco-friendly paper and flexible packing. Today it is a successfull family “medium sized company“ on the rise with formidable infrastructure, high quality equipment and solid funds. The company is run by Dejan Simonović, economy bachelor, who has been devoted to the implementation and upgrade of and integrated system of management – IMS (QMS and EMS), from the very start.

Basic line of work includes printing, production of paper bags with or without a square bottom, production of  bags made of single, double, triple or multiple layered materials, paper cornets, paper layered with poliethylen, printed paper in a roll, single, double and triple layer foiles in a roll according to the dimensions required by the customer.  

We make packing for coffee, flour, sugar, sweets, popcorns, hamburgers, French fries, small grain and powder products, and bags for the chemical industry. The quality of our products and services is confirmed by the long reference list: KNAUF, KFC, Karbon, Čeković Mill, Power of Herbs, Moravka, Kondiva, Žito lux, HGP, Bimal, The Official Gazette, Danubius and others (milling industries, bakeries, pharmacies, healthy food stores, popcorn stores, tea producers).

The biggest export is to Macedonia and Bosnia and Hertzegovina. We have installed complete technology for production, and a high-tec machine for flexo printing – UTECO 808 (280-400m/min capacity) was installed at the beginning of this year.

Company director, Mr. Dejan Simonović, economy bachelor, a young and ambitious manager, confirmes that by the quality of our products, maintainance and upgrade of the IMS, the company gained important customers in the country and abroad, and with the implementation of standardized systems of management, we improved internal organization, customer satisfaction, product range, quantity  and sales, as well as an improved impact on the enviroment. The Integrated system of management (IMS), is based on the demands of SRPS ISO 9001:2008 (QMS) and SRPS ISO 14001:2005 (EMS), which is applied in all business processes of  EKO PAK.

A confirmation of work and a successfull applying of IMS is getting internationally recognized certificates (with the IAF logo), just before ninth anniversary of EKO PAK operation (8th November 2013). We have applied all of the requirements of SRPS ISO 14001:2005 and demands of SRPS ISO 9001:2008 onto the IMS system of management except clauses 7.3 and 7.5.2.

IMS refers to: production of paper and flexible packing. Project of implementing IMS lasted from February 2010 to November 2010, with the consulting help of a joint team:

- Quality Centre from Kragujevac and

- Educational Centre from Leskovac.

EKO PAK documents, applies and maintains IMS and constantly improves its efficiency through: applying IMS Policy, applying IMS documents and constant orientation towards interested parties (customers, owners, state, public)

As an example of good IMS efficiency practice, the process of implementation and the effects are designed and included in the clause 8.4 of the “Integrated management systems“ monography (Faculty of Engineering Science, Kragujevac, 2013).

In October 2016, EKO-PAK company successfully completed another renewal of system certification carried out by RS CERT the authorised representative TŰV NORD CERT Gmbh and acquired internationally recognized certificates ISO 9001:2008 i ISO 14001:2004.



Ceritificate 9001

Ceritificate 14001

Ceritificate - FSC Chain-of-Custody